School Staff

School Staff 2023-2024

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Mr B Carle (First Level)

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs K Duncan  (Early Level/First Level)

Depute Head Teacher: Miss L MacFadyen (Second Level)

Early Years Senior Practitioner: Mrs L Daniel (Nursery-Early Level)

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs L Ramage Currently on Maternity leave

Class Teachers

P1L: Miss A Low

P1R: Mrs A Repper

P2D: Mrs J Donaldson (Monday-Wednesday) Mrs G Black (Thursday-Friday)

P2L: Miss J Lamberty

P2/3: Miss C Forbes

P3G:  Mrs S Gibson

P3/4: Miss L Howell

P4E: Miss W Exley

P4/5: Mrs E McLarty

P5M: Miss F McKenzie

P5/6: Mrs S Irvine

P6: Miss N Lovie

P7R:  Miss R Reid

P7W: Miss A Webster

SFL Teachers: Miss C Beattie (Monday- Thursday)

Health and Wellbeing (PE): Mrs W Kelman (Monday- Tuesday) and Mrs J Hunt (Wednesday- Friday)

French: Mrs M Lot (Wednesday-Friday)


Early Years Senior Practitioner: Mrs L Daniel

Early Years Lead Practitioners: Miss E Best and Miss S Clark

Early Years Practitioners:  Miss A Bell,  Mrs G Temple, Miss A Gray, Miss D Buchan, Mr K Spalding, Mrs L Walker, Miss M Fleming,

Early Years Support Worker: Mrs P Jones


Mrs G Strachan, Mrs A Cruickshank, Mrs C Cormack, Mrs J McPherson, Mrs J Taylor, Mrs S Chalmers, Mrs T Smith, Mrs K Kelman

School Administrator: Mrs A Taylor

Admin Support Assistant: Mrs N Wild

Janitor: Mr K Moir

Cook: Mrs A O’Keefe

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs A May, Mrs J Greig, Miss S Lindsey, Mrs R Main, Miss E Watson

School Cleaners: Mrs E Findlay, Mrs D Moles, Miss E Watson, Mrs A Grimmer

School Crossing Patrol: Mrs Watchman

School Doctor:  Dr S Moore

School Nurse: Mrs M Foy