What is it?
This is a practical cycle training course which has replaced what used to be known as Cycling Proficiency.  It is open to children in primary 6 and 7.  It allows the children to develop their road sense, awareness of danger and improve their ability to ride safely in traffic.  The scheme is overseen by parent volunteers and theory is taught by class teachers.

How often will I be involved?
Normally this runs in the summer term.  The children attend six or seven practical sessions which are supported by three or four parents.  Separate groups are arranged at different times during the morning and afternoon.  Depending on the number of volunteers received, you may be required for a number of the sessions.

How long does it last?
Each session lasts for an hour and a half and, at present, takes place during the school day.

Is a PVG assessment required?
One adult instructor must have a PVG unless school staff are present.  Volunteers need to attend a Bikeability course to learn the established course content and allow them to train as instructors and they do not need a PVG form.