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Summer Fayre

What is it?
As mentioned on the Summer Fayre events page, this is the parent council’s main fundraising activity of the year. It takes the form of various stalls in the school itself and various stalls and activities outside.  It runs from 12.45pm until 4pm.  It requires a massive amount of planning beforehand so planning starts just after Christmas.  On the day, it needs a lot of people to volunteer to man stalls and serve teas and coffees.

How often will I be involved?
If you available then it is helpful if you can help set up on the Friday evening.  This normally lasts from 6pm until 9pm at the latest.  However, if you can’t make it on the Friday or can only make it on the Friday then that is not a problem.

On the Saturday, there are a number of jobs that are required:

•    Setting up equipment and stalls in the morning.
•    Working behind the stalls from 12:15, when you will get your bib and change, until 4pm.  It is fine if you want to split the time with a friend so that you each do only a couple of hours.
•    Serving Teas and Coffees

How long does it last?
See above.  Also, after it has finished there is a couple of hours of tidying up to do so it is great if you can stay for that.  Equally, if you can only come along at the end to help tidy up then that is fine.

Is a PVG assessment required?