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School Staff

School Staff 2017-2018

Head Teacher: Mr P Rooke (currently on secondment)

Acting Head Teacher: Mr B Carle

Depute Head Teacher: Miss K McPherson


P1G: Mrs S Gibson

P1W: Mrs C Wright

P1/2: Mrs S Aldus and Miss K McPherson

P2: Mrs J Donaldson and Mrs M Lot

P2/3: Mrs S Stewart

P3: Mrs B Watson

P3/4: Miss L Howell

P4: Miss W Exley

P4/5: Mrs W Kelman and Mrs A Thomson

P5: Miss F McKenzie

P5/6: Miss J Lamberty

P6: Mr J Gordon

P7C: Miss C Carter

P7K: Miss P Kelly

Science: Mr J Cole-Hamilton

SFL Teachers: Mrs K Kemp and Mrs C Stewart

Visiting Specialists

P.E.: Mrs J Hunt


Early Years Lead Practitioners: Miss J Fair, Mrs K Rushton

Early Years Practitioners: Mrs M MacInnes, Mrs E Coleman, Mrs G Bruce and Mrs E Steel.


Mrs I Cruickshank, Mrs G Strachan, Mrs C Cruickshank, Mrs E Steel, Mrs C Cormack, Mrs J McPherson, Mrs F-A Watt

School Administrator: Mrs A Forsyth

Clerical Assistant: Mrs M Smart

Janitor: Mr K Moir

Violin Instructor: Mrs N Tierney

Cook: Mrs J Gibson

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs H Cooper, Mrs A McGregor, Mrs L Ogg, Miss S Lindsay

School Cleaners: Mrs E Findlay, Mrs A Grimmer

School Crossing Patrol: Mrs Watchman

School Doctor: Dr A Gillespie

School Nurse: Mrs M Foy