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School Disco

What is it?
Each year, in November, the parent council organises a set of discos for different age groups:

•    Nursery from 5.30pm until 6.15pm
•    P1 – 3 from 6.30pm until 7.30pm
•    P4 – 7 from 7.45pm until 9pm

There are a number of different roles that need to be fulfilled:

•    Taking tickets/money
•    Monitoring the dancers
•    Monitoring children as they go to the toilet to make sure that they don’t go into any of the classes etc.
•    Serving snack (crisps/biscuit and drink)

When you volunteer, you can state what your preferred activity is and which disco you want to help at or you can leave it open so that you can be allocated any of the roles.

How often will I be involved?
Normally you just volunteer for one of the discos and normally it is the one that your child is attending.

How long does it last?
See above – dependent on which disco you help at.  However if you are helping at the nursery disco it is very handy if you are available at 5pm to help set up.  Similarly, if you are helping at the P4 – 7 disco then it is handy if you can stay behind afterwards to help tidy up.

Is a PVG assessment required?
One adult must have a PVG unless staff are present.