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Poster Competition

Each year the Parent Council run a competition to design a poster to publicise the Summer Fayre.  This year we thought that we would publish the results online.  We really enjoyed judging the entries are were so impressed at the amount of work that had gone into them.  Initially we had planned to just pick out a top three but there were so many brilliant entries that we have changed the plan.

We have received entries from five different classes.  We have picked our favourite posters and a winner from each class.  From those five winners we have chosen our favourite three.

P1/2 Favourites

IMG_7447 IMG_7446 IMG_7445 IMG_7444

P1/2 Winner – Paige Blake



P2/3 Favourites

IMG_7436 IMG_7435 IMG_7434 IMG_7433 IMG_7432 IMG_7431 IMG_7430

P2/3 Winner – Robyn Hall



P3/4 Favourites

IMG_7442 IMG_7441 IMG_7440 IMG_7439 IMG_7438

P3/4 Winner – Riley Cooper and Caitlin Close



P5/6 Favourites

IMG_7458 IMG_7457 IMG_7456 IMG_7455 IMG_7454 IMG_7453 IMG_7452 IMG_7451 IMG_7450

P5/6 Winner – Lewis Donald



P7E Winner – Elise Falconer



Our three favourites were:

  • P 1/2 – Paige Blake
  • P 2/3 – Robyn Hall
  • P 5/6 – Lewis Donald