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Pupil Leadership Team and Houses

We have 4 houses at New Machar School. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.  Each pupil and member of staff is in a house.

Children are given house points for a number of things within the school term – it may be for good work, good behaviour, showing kindness, being thoughtful to others, or being helpful to members of staff.

This encourages the children to work hard and be good members of the wider community.  At the end of each term the points are tallied and everybody in the winning team are rewarded with a special activity held during school time.

Watch Bravo (term 1 winners) enjoy their Halloween themed party.

Our P7’s are invited to apply for the positions of house captain and vice house captain.  They complete an application form and attend an interview with the head teacher.  These roles also come with added responsibility within the school.  The Captains and Vice-Captains may have to show important people and help plan house rewards.

Here are our Pupil Leadership team for 2017-2018.

Alpha House Captain and Vice

Alpha House Captain and Vice


Bravo House Captains

Bravo House Captain and Vice

Charlie House Captain and Vice.

Charlie House Captain and Vice.


Delta House Captains

Delta House Captain and Vice